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There are a lot of things that I could say would be relatable to the experience of writing and publishing a book.  A tornado, for example (my house does resemble the aftermath of one. At least, after writing for a few hours).  For that matter, any number of natural disasters would work.

Being as the hat that most often dons my head is not that of author, but that of mother, I could easily say that the experiences of writing a book most resemble pregnancy (I am not).  Throughout the process of both one easily experiences a wide range of things.  Mood swings, domestic upheaval (see paragraph above), insomnia, exhaustion, hot flashes (Mr. Darcy! You flirty thing!), expanding midsection (::raises to shake fist in the air:: Curses to carrot sticks being kept in the refrigerator which is farther from the computer than the pantry), apprehension (what if all its parts don’t come out right?), excitement, aches and pains (so much typing!), morning sickness (so sick and tired of the morning coming after staying up way to late writing), etc.

The list could go on and on.  Today I got the first glimpse (ultrasound?) of my baby.  The cover art for Haunting Mr. Darcy has been started and it’s freakin’ exciting.  The months of hard work loving and coaxing this book into existence and the long labor of editing it to perfection accumulate to this point.  It’s my favorite part of the process.  The moment the little being I have made becomes all too tangible and real.  We are still tweaking it and although it resembles something only a mother could love now, it is wonderful to behold.  I will share when the new baby is ready (hopefully soon) to be cooed over!

Also, I love parenthesis (a lot).

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  1. Not that I ever have been a mother or author, I can easily see how they could have a lot in common! LOL! Enjoyed your post, KaraLynne! Can’t wait to see the cover for Haunting Mr. Darcy!

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