“Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” – Jane Austen


My baby tiny, my “little” is already 18 months old.  We were waiting around for her to be born when I was preparing to publish Bluebells in the Mourning.  I remember we were rushing to finish the last aspects of the process so that it could be finished before I delivered.  We finished in plenty of time since she was born a full two weeks after her due date (it still makes me tired thinking of it). And now Elsie Mae is full grown.  Tomorrow she will probably go off to college.  

When I think of where the time went I am reminded of the quote above from Jane Austen.  “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” By hobby I am an author but by trade I am a domestic engineer…erm a Mom.  Everyday I feel like the only things I do all day is turn lights off and flush toilets (Can I just get one day where my kids use the facilities and I am not aware of it?). Like a security guard I make my rounds several times a day pressing the lever and flipping those switches.  Its hard some days to see what difference I am making and what consequence I am adding to the world around me.

But then…

My little Mae Mae toddles over to me and giggles as I scoop her up onto my lap.  She presses sloppy kisses into the crease of my neck, pulls at my jewelry and tells me pretty. Her belly jiggles with her laughter when I press my face into it, pretending to feast on her little stomach.  She pulls my face towards hers when I am talking to someone else so that I might give her my undivided attention.  Usually her important messages relate to what toy she has in her hand or what snack she wants.  Sometimes her jabber makes no sense at all but I am filled with such a tremendous love for her then.  It doesn’t matter that I cannot understand her babbles, its that she felt I was important enough to tell them too.

So my life is full of a ‘quick succession of busy nothings.’  I’m not sure I could be happy any other way.  Oh dear… she is feeding the dog from her highchair.  I better log off now and see to that.  Besides its almost time for me to make my rounds.