Sometimes an author has to take a moment to brag.  And today is one such day for me.

Last week I was asked to speak to my daughter Corilynn’s 2nd grade class about writing and being an author.

Talk about BIG gig! These kids are just developing their writing skills.  What if what I say makes them think writing is BORING.  Should I tell them that authors sit at computers with bags of Doritos as friends?  In their sweatpants?  TALKING TO THEMSELVES?

No… that cant be inspiring. That is downright frightening.  ::shudder::

So I told them that I had the best job in the world — I got to use my imagination and tell stories all day long. (To fellow authors out there – you know that’s code for the voices in our head tell the stories to us all day long.)

Today I received this:


Dozens of adorable thank you notes from little eight year olds.  Some were pop up cards, some colorful rainbow cards.  One little boy named Garrett gave me his number and asked me to call him. I’m flattered Garrett.

What these cards did was warm my HEART and though they said I inspired them – they inspired ME!

I was so pleased to see things like:



and infinitely happy to see this:


This one made me grin:


I got a chuckle out of the one that thanked me for coming and then wrote:

test4But hands down the best note came from my daughter.  That’s the real reason to brag here.  Shes the best thing that I have.