I am very pleased to announce that Haunting Mr. Darcy has been awarded a 2015 Bronze IPPY from the Independent Publisher Book Awards in the category of Romance.

Okay, that’s my sedate, reserved and professional statement about the above news.  This is what I would like to say on the matter.

OH MY FREAKIN’ GOSH! I won an IPPY! I won an IPPY! Yippy skippy an IPPY for me!!!  ::insert incoherent and excited mumblings here as I dance around my living room like a crazed maniac::

Now back to my professional self.  Many many thanks go to the judging panel for choosing my book.  (Oh my gosh, I seriously love you guys!) I am honored to receive this award (are you kidding me? I am geekin’ out here).  Receiving an IPPY is a very great compliment (Would it be weird if I got a tattoo of it?  Yeah… yeah it probably would, huh?).  For those of you who would like to view the press release on the awards, the link is provided below (I think I might pass out…false alarm – I’m dancing around again.)