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Okay, friends.  Its time to talk about something important.  I recently had a thought (yeah, okay I walked into that one… I happen to have many thoughts – thank. you. very. much.) Yes, a lot of my thoughts these days tend to lean towards the pregnancy-hormone-induced-mental-imbalance side of the spectrum.  For example, like how there are probably women in the deep deep jungles of South America that have yearlong pregnancies, and nobody knows about them (because duh, they are in the deep jungles of SA) and that I must be somehow genetically descended in some way from them.  Or how, it makes TOTAL sense to wake up at 5 am and really really need, like need from the very center of your soul, a bowl of curry.  But I digress…

That thought I had, the one that made sense, that was important and I wanted to share with you is this:

Editors are freakin’ amazing.

Allow me to explain by way of metaphor, or simile or parable (it doesn’t matter which one is correct because yay EDITORS! jk).  So I figured, writers as a group are like architects.  We design cool things.  We create things that evoke emotion and inspire people (hopefully).  We set about putting our imagination in to the book, making characters come alive and hope that what was in our minds was accurately translated to the page.

Editors, editors are like engineers.  They take the imaginative drawings of the architect and make it into something solid, tangible and strong.  They take the dream that the architects set about to create and make it a real possibility.  They do not destroy, change or evolve that dream to something different unless it is absolutely necessary to the integrity of the piece.  As the architect (writer) my sketchings are still my own, only ready for others to experience.  That has at least been the experience I have had.


With my three books, and participation in Meryton Press’ summer anthology book coming out this summer, I have had the privilege of working with two very fine editors.  And with my recently awarded IPPY for Haunting Mr. Darcy, I have been reflective of the many good things, people and opportunities that gave me the chance to get a literary award at all.

So this totally cohesive, sane and heartfelt thought goes to you Gail Warner, and Christina Boyd: Thank you.



  1. Let’s second that thought and paraphrase to Yay! Editors!

  2. I love this analogy!! My engineer have husband laughed of course–but I loved it. Thank you for your generous words. And working with a pro like you is a pleasure any editor would covet.

    • Thanks iPhone for the typo help. Le sigh. Fortunately I don’t edit on my phone. 😉 😉

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