A Million Thanks

Its a strange feeling when an author does not know how to express herself with words.  And I find myself in that situation now as I try to explain how I am feeling.  I heard another author say recently that they do not even read the reviews posted on Amazon etc about their book.  I thought to myself then that I do not know how they could not.  For me the reviews are addicting.  I love to hear what people thought of the book as a whole or certain parts.  I do not even mind when the review is not particularly full of praise.   I am honestly so thrilled to see someone else’s perspective on it and I find it fascinating. Often, I am also honored. Awed. Humbled and amazed. I have some of the best readers in the world!  They express praise about my books in ways that truly make me blush and even at times make me a little bright eyed.  Each review is slightly different and their differences bring something new to the forum.  Occasionally I am so blown away by their kind words that I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  For what?  Not just the kind words but way more. This is the part I cannot explain sufficiently.  I am grateful for the chance to write, for the ability to provide someone that wonderful release that a good book gives, and that they found it in my book. I recently got this review on Amazon for Haunting Mr. Darcy. “My wife read this book and so enjoyed it that she offered to read it aloud to me. I looked forward to each evening that she would read to me this enchanting story of the two most read and written about characters in romantic literary history … Haunting Mr. Darcy really is one of the best fan versions I have ever “read” or heard. One cannot help but get as intimately involved in their story as is humanly possible. The writing is fresh, funny, surprising, clean, and just plain exceptional. This is a “must read”.” – Jake Huff, Eugene, OR Wow. Thank you so much to Jake (and his ‘great reader’ of a wife) for your unbelievable words.  And to all of those out there who have reviewed my book.  Thank...

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Haunting Mr. Darcy Blog Tour

Its time to #GetHaunted with Haunting Mr. Darcy’s Spirited blog tour.  We have excerpts, reviews, giveaways and more so follow along with us. 5/5: Excerpt at Babblings of a bookworm 5/6: Guest post & Giveaway at My Jane Austen Book Club 5/7 Excerpt at More Agreeably Engaged  5/8: Review at Songs and Stories 5/9: Review at Addicted to Jane Austen 5/10 Guest Post at The Darcy Obsession   5/11: Author interview & Giveaway at Songs and Stories 5/12: Guest post at My Love for Jane Austen 5/13: Guest post & Giveaway at My Kids Led Me Back to Pride and Prejudice 5/14: Review at Laughing with Lizzie 5/15: Excerpt & Giveaway at Best Sellers & Best Stellars of Romance 5/16: Review at Diary of an...

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Time to #GetHaunted

Let the chills (of excitement) run up your spine.  Let the howls (of joy) ring out in the night.  Its time to #GetHaunted because Haunting Mr. Darcy: A Spirited Courtship is available on Amazon now!  Kindle and Nook editions to come soon! Haunting Mr Darcy: A Spirited Courtship  ...

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Baby Pictures

There are a lot of things that I could say would be relatable to the experience of writing and publishing a book.  A tornado, for example (my house does resemble the aftermath of one. At least, after writing for a few hours).  For that matter, any number of natural disasters would work. Being as the hat that most often dons my head is not that of author, but that of mother, I could easily say that the experiences of writing a book most resemble pregnancy (I am not).  Throughout the process of both one easily experiences a wide range of things.  Mood swings, domestic upheaval (see paragraph above), insomnia, exhaustion, hot flashes (Mr. Darcy! You flirty thing!), expanding midsection (::raises to shake fist in the air:: Curses to carrot sticks being kept in the refrigerator which is farther from the computer than the pantry), apprehension (what if all its parts don’t come out right?), excitement, aches and pains (so much typing!), morning sickness (so sick and tired of the morning coming after staying up way to late writing), etc. The list could go on and on.  Today I got the first glimpse (ultrasound?) of my baby.  The cover art for Haunting Mr. Darcy has been started and it’s freakin’ exciting.  The months of hard work loving and coaxing this book into existence and the long labor of editing it to perfection accumulate to this point.  It’s my favorite part of the process.  The moment the little being I have made becomes all too tangible and real.  We are still tweaking it and although it resembles something only a mother could love now, it is wonderful to behold.  I will share when the new baby is ready (hopefully soon) to be cooed over! Also, I love parenthesis (a...

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Happy Dance

We are finished with the major edits for Haunting Mr. Darcy and it has been sent off for the second editor, approval, and proofing.  Such an exciting part of the process.  I love seeing the transformation of my book into something entirely worth reading.  :0)  Much thanks must go out to the hard work of my editor, Christina Boyd.  ::bows appreciatively:: Now onto the cover art! Haunting Mr. Darcy: A Spirited Courtship is coming...

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