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Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy has a secret. The letter he presented to Miss Elizabeth Bennet after his ghastly proposal is not the only epistle he has written her. In this tale of longing, misadventure and love – readapted from Jane Austen’s dearly loved Pride & Prejudice – our hero has learned a powerful way of coping with his attraction to Miss Bennet. He writes her unsent letters. The misguided suitor has declared himself, and Elizabeth Bennet has refused him, most painfully. Without intending for these letters to become known to another soul, Mr. Darcy relies on his secret for coping once again. However, these letters, should they fall into the wrong hands, could create untold scandal, embarrassment and possibly heartbreak. But what happens should they fall into the right hands?

Praise for Yours Forevermore, Darcy

“With beautifully picturesque writing and a true understanding of romance, Ms. Mackrory opens up the hearts and souls of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, as they learn what it means to truly love, and made me fall in love with them all over again.” – Austenprose

“As far as Regency Adaptions that stay true to the original, this one is my favorite!!” – Margie’s Must Reads

“I guarantee readers will be laughing one minute, sighing the next or on the edge of their seat” –My Kids Led Me Back To Pride & Prejudice

“Some very swoonworthy moments, and some pretty amusing ones too!” – Babblings of a Bookworm

“This book was very enjoyable.” –Half Agony, Half Hope