2015 IPPY Bronze Medal winner in the category of Romance!

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What happens to the happily ever after when the ever after has already happened?

A spirited courtship indeed! Jane Austen’s much adored Pride and Prejudice is transfigured in this regency adaptation.  That fickle friend Fate intervenes when an unexpected event threatens the happily ever after of literature’s favorite love story.  The gentlemen from Netherfield have left, winter is upon the land and after a horrifying carriage accident, Elizabeth Bennet finds her spirit transported as if by magic into Mr. Darcy’s London home.  Paranormally tethered to the disagreeable man, it doesn’t help that he believes she is a phantasm of his love struck mind, not the real Elizabeth.  Somehow they must learn to trust, learn to love and learn to bring Elizabeth back to her earthly form before it is too late.

Praise for Haunting Mr. Darcy – A Spirited Courtship

“This book is a little present, wrapped up in charm and emotion and love. In a word, it’s adorable…With its sharp writing, deep emotional connections, and great comedic scenes this has definitely been a highlight of my summer reading.” – Austenprose


“This book haunted me from beginning till end, but in a most delightful and pleasing manner. I had barely touched the surface before I knew this was KaraLynne’s best work yet…I felt that I had finally connected to one of Austen’s characters in a way I had never before, which rendered in me a feeling of finally coming home…A truly, unexpected master piece of sheer delight, that I could not put down.” – My Kids Led Me Back To Pride and Prejudice blog.

Haunting Mr. Darcy is among the most unique retellings I’ve come across so far, throwing Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth together at their weakest, removing the confines of society’s rules, and letting love take its course, complete with a believable paranormal twist.” – Diary of an Eccentric

Sweet and funny and charmingly written, Haunting Mr. Darcy is irresistible. ” – Songs &  Stories

Haunting Mr. Darcy is a humorous and sweet retelling of Pride and Prejudice! I would highly recommend reading it!” – So Little Time…

“For those of you who prefer to avoid sex scenes you will be pleased to know that there is nothing of that sort in this book and for those of you who like sex scenes, you may well not miss them when there is this much romance to enjoy! I would most definitely recommend reading this book, I thought it was wonderful!” – Babblings of a Bookworm